Anthony Longo Wins Appeal

In Hasbun v. PCC, the plaintiff alleged she was assaulted during a medical examination on the premises of the defendant hospital. She initially filed suit against multiple defendants in federal court alleging there was a duty under the American Medical Association Code of Ethics to provide a chaperone during the examination. The federal court disagreed and dismissed the case with prejudice. Plaintiff never appealed that dismissal to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Months later, plaintiff pursued litigation in the Circuit Court of Cook County against the defendant hospital alleging the same cause of action. Trial attorneys Catherine Garvey and Anthony Longo successfully obtained dismissal of the Cook County action on the basis of res judicata. Plaintiff appealed this dismissal. On June 9, 2015, Mr. Longo argued the case before the Illinois Appellate Court. He urged that plaintiff’s appeal should be dismissed as moot. The Appellate Court agreed. Plaintiff’s failure to appeal her earlier loss in federal court barred her from obtaining relief on appeal in the state court action. We congratulate Mr. Longo on this significant accomplishment. The full decision can be read by clicking here.