Brennan Burtker Attorneys Moderate Program on Trial Preparation and Presentation

On October 26, 2016, Brennan Burtker associate attorneys, Peter Nozicka, Blair Kipnis and Ken Hoffmann moderated a panel discussion between Cook County judges and trial attorneys at the Chicago Bar Association.  The panel discussion covered a variety of topics from pre-trial preparation through post-trial motions and appellate issues.  The Honorable Margaret A. Brennan and the…


Firm Announces Name Change to Brennan Burtker LLC

The firm announced today that its name will change to Brennan Burtker LLC as of September 26, 2016. Firm partner Bob Burtker is a renowned trial lawyer with three decades of courtroom experience. He has been a cornerstone of the success of this firm since its launch. Founding partner Cathy Garvey accepted the Associate General Counsel position…


Brennan Garvey’s Impact on the EMS Services Act

Immunity is a rare defense in a medical malpractice case. One exception is the Illinois EMS Systems Act – a statute providing robust immunity to a variety of different potential defendants. The Act is usually thought of as a law regulating paramedics. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Act indeed provides immunity to…


New Law Requires Hospitals to Adopt Protocols for Early Detection of Sepsis

Governor Rauner signed “Gabby’s Law” on August 18, 2016. The new law amends the Hospital Licensing Act by adding section 6.23a, which requires hospital adoption of protocols for early detection of sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock in both children and adults based on generally accepted standards of care. Hospitals must adopt, implement, and periodically…


Brennan Garvey Prevails in Federal Court

The firm congratulates partners Robert Burtker and Anthony Longo for obtaining dismissal of a federal employment case in June. The plaintiff physician filed suit in federal court alleging claims based in both tort and contract. Due to orders entered in prior litigation, Mr. Burtker and Mr. Longo asserted defenses based upon res judicata and the…


Brennan Garvey LLC Prevails in Arbitration

The firm congratulates partner Anthony J. Longo on the successful defense of a medical facility sued for both personal injury and property damage. Plaintiff alleged that following his medical treatment, he went to the washroom only to slip and fall on a foreign substance. Following the alleged fall, the presence of the foreign substance was…