LiabilityBrennan Burtker counsels hospitals and insurance clients on underwriting and the annual renewal processes for their programs.

Leveraging decades of experience with excess carriers, reinsurers and actuaries, firm attorneys review and audit claims-handling practices for a variety of entities to ensure they are in line with industry standards and best practices.

This includes helping programs address critical questions such as:

  • Are reserves adequate and based on accurate assumptions?
  • What is the program’s history of payout to reserve?
  • Are outside counsel accurately evaluating cases and the program?
  • Are the assessments of the chance of success based on accurate assumptions?
  • Does the current reporting process adequately address each of the program’s key stakeholders?
  • Is software adding value and ensuring the best analytics?
  • Are processes in place to facilitate key learnings and process improvements following each case?

The firm also provides monitoring of related trials and advice on trial strategy.