Licensing RepresentationBrennan Burtker counsels health care providers who are the subject of investigation by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

The firm understands that navigating an IDFPR complaint or investigation can be difficult. This can be particularly difficult for physicians with an impairment, whether perceived or actual. As a result of counseling hundreds of physicians and other licensed individuals through the regulations, firm attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the process and the goals of the investigators. Their experience includes counseling on:

  • How to respond to an initial complaint or mandatory malpractice payment report
  • Preparation for an investigatory interview
  • Compiling documentation and other written materials to facilitate an investigation
  • Preparation of the 30/60-day response to a mandatory malpractice payment report
  • Preparation for and representation during informal or disciplinary conferences

When there is a potential or actual impairment from drugs, alcohol, illness or age, the firm serves as an advocate for individuals, providing guidance on best practices for development and management of care and counseling agreements.

The firm also assists physicians seeking a license when their training does not meet the requirements of the IDFRP, including when an individual does not have the requisite U.S.-accredited training.