Brennan Burtker Honors Women Legal Leaders: Elaina Valtierra-Doherty to Speak on Role of Leading Women in Law, Strategies for Inclusion

As a part of advancing discussions about influential women in the legal profession, Illinois Defense Counsel (IDC) is hosting a “Women Legal Leaders” webinar in which Brennan Burtker Associate Attorney Elaina Valtierra-Doherty will be a panel speaker.

The discussion will explore the impact that women have had as leaders throughout several different areas of the law, the obstacles women face as legal professionals, and strategies which aim to overcome these obstacles, encouraging inclusion in the law. Valtierra-Doherty is one of four attorneys who will speak about their individual experiences as leading women in the law, in addition to discussing broader issues surrounding the inclusion of women in the profession.

Brennan Burtker is proud to have a representative of the firm on the forefront of a discussion that embraces the impact and success that women leaders have in law. As Women’s History Month is soon coming to a close, we recognize the crucial role many women have had in the formation and success of Brennan Burtker, as well as throughout the field.

The panel will take place virtually on Wednesday, March 30 at 12:00 PM. Those interested in attending may register or learn more about the discussion and panelists here.