Brennan Burtker Notches Pro Bono Win

The firm congratulates partner Anthony Longo for obtaining dismissal of a civil action on behalf of a pro bono client. In the civil action, one party sued another attempting to force the sale of land in Mexico. Mr. Longo filed a pro bono appearance and obtained dismissal of the case based upon the Statute of Frauds. The Statute of Frauds, first passed into law in 1677 England, is part of Illinois statutory law. It requires that certain contracts must be in writing – for example marriage contracts, contracts not to take place within one year, and the contracts concerning the buying and selling of land. On the day of trial, Brennan Burtker appeared for the defendant, and obtained permission from the court to file a motion to dismiss based upon the Statute of Frauds. After briefing and oral argument, the action was dismissed with prejudice.