Joseph Camarra Recognized as a 2020 ISBA Distinguished Counsellor

Brennan Burtker LLC is proud to announce that Joseph A. Camarra has been recognized as a 2020 ISBA Distinguished Counsellor. This title is conferred upon ISBA members who have completed their 50th year of practice by the Officers and Board of the Illinois Bar Association. Mr. Camarra was admitted to the bar in 1970. He joined Brennan Burtker LLC when it was founded in 2015 where he continues to serve as a trusted, productive, and valuable member of the firm. Mr. Camarra has been widely recognized as one of the best medical malpractice defense lawyers in Illinois over the past 50 years of his impressive career, and Brennan Burtker is incredibly fortunate to have this legal legend provide mentorship and training to its new generation of lawyers. Congratulations Joe!