Appellate PhotoBrennan Burtker’s appellate lawyers have an impressive track record of experience and successful results briefing and arguing cases before Illinois trial and reviewing courts. The group’s philosophy is simple – every effort must be made to locate and harness the pivotal legal issue that will force ultimate resolution of the case into the hands of a judge or a panel of judges, instead of the hands of a jury.  Sometimes the pivotal legal issue is obvious, and at other times it remains hidden or does not materialize until the trial process itself. Brennan Burtker’s appellate lawyers have found that through this approach, cases can be won outright or resolved very modestly. Firm clients have the benefit of appellate oversight on all aspects of the case from pleadings through trial, and if desired, the department’s handling of all critical motions and appeals. The appellate lawyers at Brennan Burtker LLC have successfully argued some of the most interesting, complex, and novel appeals of the last ten years. These successes have made headlines in newspapers, legal literature, and even law school textbooks. To learn more about our appellate department, to read briefs, or to listen to oral arguments, please contact the firm for more information.